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Generous of Spirit in the Wild

Animal lovers are a special breed of human. They are generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and hold hearts as big as the cloudless sky. Artist Nicholas Jim is one of those sensitive souls committing his life and art to International Wildlife Conservation and Protection.

Nicholas is an old soul born to call attention to exotic and dwindling wild species. Born in Norton, Zimbabwe, in 1993, Nicholas grew up under the mentorship of his father, one of the continent’s most celebrated wildlife artists, Kefas Jim (Kefas Gimo). This advantage enabled him to master the art concepts of composition, drawing, and painting by the time he was eight years old. Nicholas states, "I worked hard, reading books, doing well in school while picking up tips from my father's mentor Larry Norton who was based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe." In 2014 Nicholas began selling his paintings at Zimbabwean galleries after he had been selling to the local citizens in the town of Norton; however, this was after many years of selling in the Zimbabwean art galleries.

Nicholas’s persistence in school positioned him well to enter the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, where he earned his Bachelor of Engineering Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering. Following graduation, he entered what may have been a career as an engineer for two years before the call of the animals beckoned him back to his art. The wild whispers could not be ignored. Wildlife conservation and sharing the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat is his passion. To this end, he can be found with a camera, traveling to meet his subjects on their turf.

“I am a wildlife conservationist. I donate 40% of my NFTs, a form of digital art, sales to wildlife conservation through the Endangered Wildlife Trust.”

Nicholas primarily works from his home studio in Florida, South Africa. He says, “I am a wildlife conservationist. I donate 40% of my NFTs, a form of digital art, sales to wildlife conservation through the Endangered Wildlife Trust.” Nicholas’ subject matter, in addition to wildlife, is painting landscapes and portraits; to this end, a portion of his time is dedicated to commissions from individuals worldwide. When asked about his style, he readily admits, "My style is realistic." There is no arguing the point once one encounters a canvas of Nicholas Jim, which is breathtakingly realistic.

The goal for Nicholas is to widen his audience for his work and awareness of wildlife conservation efforts. He is well on his way with exhibits to date throughout Africa and Europe. Nicholas has also taken full advantage of Social Media platforms to move his message and work across the Atlantic and the Pacific, which is impressive for a young talent just 30 years old. Presently, Nicholas Jim’s physical work is represented by The Cape Gallery in Western Cape, South Africa; Knext Art Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa; Shalom Art Gallery, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa; Wechi Frames and The Picture Frame in Harare, Zimbabwe and several online galleries around the world.


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