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Hat Fashion Passion

Ladies' hats have played an essential role in the theatre of fashion for centuries. Women from Cleopatra with jewel-populated headpieces, to Marie Antoinette who took the art of bedazzling accessories in her hair and on her hats to enormous proportions. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the headpiece was used as a status symbol and a functional item to keep dust and sun off one's hair and skin. The 20th century with shorter hair styles brought us the sleek close-fitted cap of the Flapper youth rebellion, which moved into the ever-iconic fashion statement of Halston's pill box design made famous by Jackie Kennedy before the Hippy culture blew hat designs out into the floppy no rules style. Hats, indeed, are on their way back as a means of expressing personal creativity.

Today Arizona hat designer Ernye Pennamon has begun resurrecting the ultimate in personal fashion statements. Her business ‘Crown Creations’ has become all the rage, and it's easy to see why. Ernye grew up in White Plains, New York. She credits the roots to her love of hats as a fashion stated with the women of her community. "My mother and the other women in my family loved to dress up and wear their beautifully designed hats. She elaborates, “As a young child, I always loved bright colors and enjoyed creating my unique outfits that were very different from what my friends wore." Although Ernye admits to not having formal design training, she did complete a home study program in Interior Design from Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York, New York. She finished with honors providing a firm foundation for her future creative work.

Although she says, "Hat fashion is my passion, I feel blessed to have the talent and the courage to push the envelope on new designs, colors and fabrics." Ernye spent thirty years with IBM in corporate America before she found her stride with her hat designs. She said, "I held various administrative, management, sales, and personnel positions. The job required me to relocate several times, allowing me to meet a variety of people, take on new challenges, and assuming greater responsibilities with the company. Now I'm retired; I am having fun!" Ernye's fun is working with people through her volunteer work, enjoying her family and friends, and having time to travel. However, the most fun she has is putting smiles on the faces of women who enjoy her hat creations.

“As a young child, I always loved bright colors and enjoyed creating my unique outfits that were very different from what my friends wore."

When asked what inspires her today, Ernye states, "Creativity, Visions, and Spreading Joy!" In her world, "Daring to be different is the pinnacle of happiness." Hat designer Ernye Pennamon works from her home studio in Chandler, Arizona. Presently she does not have a website; however, she is extremely active on Facebook and Instagram, posting her astonishing creative fashion hat creations several times a week. Ready to make a statement the next time you step out, ladies? Head over to Ernye Pennamon's Facebook page or Instagram to discover the perfect fashion statement for your next special outing. Ernye also loves commission work; if you have a design or idea, she can help you bring it to life in surprisingly creative ways.


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