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From the Land of Fairytales

Prescott Artist Ans Taylor began life in Wurzburg, Bavaria, the land of Bavarian fairytales.

She describes it as, "A beautiful German city with a castle flanked by vineyards and rivers."

Ans remembers, "As a toddler, my parents were informed by a specialist that I should develop my artistic talents." She continues, "They were firm believers in a good education but had no affiliation to the arts themselves." That would not stop Ans's parents from making sure their two daughters receive a complete education. They made a point, while on camping vacations in the summer, to take Ans and her sister to museums and historical monuments. They also introduced them to the Baroque painters, the Dutch masters, and classical art collections of castles; all these experiences formed a firm foundation for appreciating art and history.

Ans attended a German high school emphasizing art and language. Once reaching college, she remembered, "I tried a short detour into IT to prepare myself for a 'real job' but ultimately I returned to my roots in art." The IT training set the stage for a career in freelance media design and illustration. She specialized in comic images which catered to her love of telling stories. During this time, Ans moved to Heidelberg, Germany, where she met her husband, an American military officer who was stationed there.

"I tried a short detour into IT to prepare myself for a 'real job' but ultimately returned to the roots of my art."

Military life, with the constant relocations, prompted Ans to reimagine her design career. She explains, "I transferred my art to the medium of skin and ink known as tattooing." Ans worked across three continents, over the years, in Germany, Japan, and the United States. Eventually, her husband retired from the military in Arizona; Prescott specifically was their location of choice. Ans quickly fell in love with the landscapes and colors of the Southwest. Ans states, "Prescott provides great opportunities for aspiring artists. I take lessons in painting and work in the oldest tattoo studio in town, Leap of Faith." She appreciates the opportunity to pursue both her tattoo art and oil painting in the space provided at work.

When it comes to her inspiration, she replies, "My inspiration is my love for Nature, a spirited faith in a good-humored God, and my passion for capturing the intriguing character of the individuals I encounter." Ans feels having an aptitude for art is a huge privilege; it comes with lots of hard work but it's uniquely rewarding in a way that encompasses all aspects of life. Her energetically colorful canvases found in her hummingbird series are a testament to her enthusiasm for the medium of oil. A viewer almost feels the breeze from their fast-moving wings on the canvas. Ans's portraits of both two-legged and four-legged subjects bring an air of delight and fun to their environments, and all are carefully observed, expertly rendered, and stunning in their visual story.

Artist Ans Taylor has come into her own in the areas of tattoo art and oil painting. She is a juried artist in the Arizona Fine Art Expo each year from January through March. She can also be found at the Arts Prescott Gallery once a week; call for her schedule at 520-732-1355. She is also a member of the Sonoran Arts League and participates in their juried show, each November, the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour.


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