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Creating an Extraordinary Life

Louise Hay wrote, "You have the power to heal your life." Yet, we are not born with conscious knowledge of the process. It is at this point the teacher arrives. Victoria Benoit, Mind/Body Repatterning™ practitioner and best-selling author, has spent a lifetime mastering the healing process. Her mission is to inspire herself and others to live extraordinary lives overflowing with love, adventure, passion, and joy!

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Victoria is grounded in solid Midwestern values promoting a strong intellectual and spiritual foundation. At 20 years old, without knowing a soul, she set out to make a positive difference in the big city of Chicago, Illinois, where she pursued a successful career in medical ultrasound. Victoria worked by day and attended classes in the evening offered at the hospital where she worked, resulting in her completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Arts. By 1989, after 18 years of tolerating the ever-dreary, gray skies and enduring the blistering cold weather of the Windy City, Victoria relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. Soon after settling into her life in Phoenix, she suffered a physical injury that set her on a new career path. Victoria enrolled in the University of Phoenix, where she completed her Master's Degree in Counseling, which certified her as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Shortly into her career as a counselor, Victoria became frustrated with her client's need for progress in using traditional counseling techniques. While researching innovative therapies, she discovered Resonance Repatterning®, a new methodology that produced consistent results. Encouraged by its overall effectiveness, Victoria became a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and teacher. Using this philosophy, her clients could identify and clear their unconscious patterns and go on to live a life they love. Victoria left traditional counseling in 1996 and opened the Center for Extraordinary Outcomes. In addition to working with clients and teaching Resonance Repatterning locally and internationally, Victoria developed workshops and implemented eight additional holistic healing therapies in her practice. Thirteen years ago, she stopped teaching and started writing in an effort to reach out and impact even more people.

Her commitment to making a difference prompted Victoria to write monthly articles for the Repatterning Practitioners Association Journal. One thing led to another, and she found herself attending a class entitled, Write from Your Heart™. Before Victoria realized it, she was asking the question, “What would love do right now?” in every situation where she felt hurt or annoyed. The answer consistently directed her to come from her heart, which allowed her to respond rather than react. One year later, Victoria attended the legendary retreat in Sedona, Write Your Bestseller in a Weekend, and the rest is history!

In her first release, What Would Love Do Right Now? A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life (November 2017) Victoria shares her philosophy about the power of love, forgiveness, making amends, and emotional healing in those areas and relationships that affect your quality of life today. This book is available as a paperback or as an eBook from Amazon. In her second release, Three Magical Words for a Magical Life (January 2021), Victoria reveals her four-step process the reader can use to release from the pain of past experiences, clean the slate, and gain a greater capacity to enjoy more love and freedom in your relationships. The three magical words are not 'I love you'; they are 'I am sorry.' It's available in both paperback and eBook formats on Amazon. In Victoria Benoit’s latest release, No Weeping Widow Here ~ My True Story (November 2023), Victoria imparts her wisdom on her journey to champion her late husband through his health challenge and death, how she could move on quickly, and triumph over loss. The book chronicled one love story; to Victoria’s surprise, it would end with another one. The book is also available on Amazon in paperback formats. All three books have become bestsellers on Amazon. Author Victoria Benoit holds a good-standing membership with the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and the Repatterning Practitioners Association. She is currently revising and editing her next book, Relationship ~ A Sacred Journey into Your Greatness. Throughout Victoria's life journey, she has been nurtured by her passion for dancing, singing, hiking, and immersing herself in nature, particularly in serene waterside settings.


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