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Living an Amazing Life, One Color at a Time

In the world of the creative spirit, it is a style that sets you apart from others, the eternal personal trademark. You are the owner of your art and master of your creative destiny. In the experience of award-winning artist Shannon Taggart’s work, she successfully navigates numerous mediums. Shannon grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and has crossed vast creative plains during her creative life to reach this day. Shannon moved to Arizona to attend Northern Arizona University in 1979 to work on a degree in Private and Commercial Recreation. After graduation, she moved to Scottsdale for several years before moving to Corvallis, Oregon. In 2018, Shannon and her husband Phil decided to relocate to Scottsdale.

To date, Shannon's career path has taken her through the careers of writer, travel agent in Westin hotel management, and work at the family's King Estate Winery in Oregon. But it's the writer's spark in her that set her off on the path of an artist. Shannon remarks, "My largest inspiration began in 2004 when I published my first children's book, Little Brown Shoes.” The proceeds from the book were used to benefit the Assistance League in Oregon and Washington State. Yet this was only the beginning; in 2008, the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson published her second book titled, The Little Saguaro-El Sahuarito. Shannon reflects, "The book was published in English and Spanish, so I was able to give readings and presentations about the desert to children in the Oregon Schools.”

Currently, Shannon considers herself both a painter and fashion designer. She works from her home studio at the end of her kitchen counter in Cave Creek, Arizona. Her mediums are inks and acrylics; she explains, "I am inspired by color and movement; with inks and acrylics, I can achieve wonderful interplay by combining the two and allowing them to take their form.

My new series is Abstractications, a unique dimensional effect." She explains, “This technique includes a combination of inks, brushes, compressed air, and the magic of Yupo paper.” Yupo paper is much like wax paper that melts under high heat, which allows it to be moved, manipulated, and used as overlays on ink backgrounds. Shannon is the constant explorer of new techniques that produce remarkable outcomes. Her clothing line provides various opportunities for experimentation with how abstract design translates onto various fabrics and styles. Recently Shannon was the host of a fundraising truck show with the Elks Club in Florence, Oregon, including her paintings and clothing pieces. The event was a huge success and brought in needed funds to support projects in the local community.

"I am inspired by color and movement; with inks and acrylics, I can achieve wonderful interplay by combining the two and allowing them to take their form.”

Locally, artist Shannon Taggart is a co-owner of The Finer Arts Gallery in Cave Creek, Arizona. She has taken her clothing line international in conjunction with LeGaleriste in Montreal, Canada. Galleries also represent her work; Artists in, Le Galeriste, Montreal, Canada, Taggart, Twist Bistro and Gallery, and JoyEful Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shannon is a member of the Artists in Arizona, the Sonoran Arts League, and the Florence Regional Arts Alliance in Florence, Oregon. Recently, Shannon is one of 48 Arizona Artists selected for the Found: RE Hotel event, Sleeping with the Artists. Art pieces chosen by the hotel to be featured and for sale in their rooms. The event is a 3-year commitment.


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