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The Power Inherent in Form

Abstract art, in many ways helps us to experience the emotional power inherent in pure form. Scottsdale Artist Barbara Goldberg intuitively entered her encore career as a painter with her whole heart after many years in the world of corporate America.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goldberg was introduced to her family's creative roots through her mother's meticulous fashion sense and learning of her grandmother's hobby as a milliner. Despite her creative musings, Goldberg's career started as a special education teacher; five years in, she returned to Arizona State University for a Masters in Business that landed her in a corporate job with a Fortune 500 company. The corporate world would be her place of business for the remainder of her career. Goldberg reflects on this time as, "Some say after spending years focused on the left side of our brains, a long-awaited aspiration to spend time in our right brain follows. Turning to the fine arts is a perfect solution to the yearning."

"I welcomed a chance to pursue an activity with no rules and no requirements."

Goldberg retired from the fast-track career a few years ago, turning her attention to her intuitive, contemplative right-side brain. "I welcomed a chance to pursue an activity with no rules and no requirements." stated Goldberg. To this end, she enrolled in several painting classes at Scottsdale Community College, where she could paint in an open studio with other artists. She says, "I have learned so much through osmosis, critiques, and my professor Robert You. I'm honored to be in his studio class."

During the initial lockdowns of the pandemic, Goldberg retreated to her cabin garage in Munds Park, Arizona, outside of Flagstaff, attending class virtually through Zoom and Facebook. The group provided both support and inspiration. "I can say my inspiration also comes from photos, thoughts, objects, places, or the colors of light during the day." Goldberg goes on to say, "I always know where I am going when I face the blank canvas. Like life, the finished product often ends up in a different place." On the rare occasion when rejuvenation of ideas is needed, Goldberg visits the Phoenix Art Museum, art shows, bookstores, or searches online resources for historical artists and fashion shows. All these resources hold the promise of growing the next inspiring idea.

Goldberg explains, "As an abstract artist, the muse that drives the image is almost impossible to explain. It comes from a soul place. When clients connect with a piece, they connect with me. I consider it a great honor to have an image living in their home or office; we become family." To view a selection of Barbara Goldberg's work, visit the showroom of the Galleria of Floors 4848 East Cactus Road in Phoenix, where she maintains a permanent exhibition space. She is also a member of the Sonoran Arts League and participates in their annual Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour each November.


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